ZYF-J2-L Egg grader (101B)

Product Code:101B

Capacity:4000 eggs/hour

Function:Egg candling,grading

ZYF-J3-L(R) Egg grader (102B)

Product Code:102B

Capacity:5400 eggs/hours

Function:Egg candling, grading

ZYX-JS1-2 Egg washer (201A)

Product Code:201A

Capacity:5,000 eggs/hour

Function:LED candler,Sanitizer,Brush Washing and Drying

ZYD-PS-5 Egg breaker & separator (501A)

Product Code:501A

Capacity:3000 eggs/hour

Function:Breaking & Separating egg yolk from white

ZYX-JS1-3 Egg washer (202A)

Product Code:202A

Capacity:10,000 eggs/hour

Function:Accumulator,candling,sanitizer,brush washing and drying

plastic egg tray (701)

Product Code:701


Function:holding 30 eggs per tray

ZYM-H3 Egg jet printer (403)

Product Code:403

Capacity:5400 eggs/hours

Function:egg printing

ZYM-HS5 Egg jet printer (405S)

Product Code:405S

Capacity:40,000-80,000 eggs/hour

Function:Print eggs in 30-egg tray

ZYM-H1 Egg jet printer (401)

Product Code:401


Function:egg printing

ZYF-DS1-2Z Egg grader (104A)

Product Code:104A

Capacity:10,000 eggs/hour


ZYL-JS1-D1 Egg processing line (302A)

Product Code:302A

Capacity:10,000 eggs/hour


ZYL-JS1-J3 Egg processing line (301A)

Product Code:301A

Capacity:5,000 eggs/hour