How much does delivery cost?
Delivery costs will depend on your location. Please contact us and we can email you a fright quote.
What is the current availability for your egg processing equipment?
(In stock): It's available at the moment.
(Pre-order): It's unavailable at the moment, Please contact us to discuss.
How do I order egg processing equipment?
Contact us via email or phone.
How does deposit and payment for egg processing equipment work?
50% deposit for the "Pre-order" item needs to be paid. We proceed with manufacturing your equipment, and the balance is to be paid one week before shipping.
I'd like to inspect egg processing equipment. Can you please send me contact details for any farms that have ZENYER egg processing equipment nearby?
If you provide us with your name, address, email and phone number, we will pass our customers details to you in your region.
Price is subject to exchange rate or price policy.
Price may be changed due to convert rate or price policy without prior notice, please double check the price on website before order.
What's different between the 101A and 101B egg grader?
They are the same capacity and same size.
The main frame of the 101B egg grader is made of stainless steel, the 101A egg grader is made of carbon steel.
The 101B egg grader equips the LED candler with a candling cover and mirror. The 101A egg grader only has a bulb candler.
If we bought a ZENYER second hand machine, can you provide after-sale service for us?
Yes, please contact us if you need any information and services. Let's add value to your machine.
Why my machine is different from the picture on your website?
We reserves the right to make changes to the products to improve reliability, functions, or design.
The information on website may not accurately represent the products you have.
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contact us if you have any questions.